Keksiukų dekoravimo įdėjos

Happy Cupcake day!

Whether it’s for a small get-together or you just want to celebrate a nice afternoon, there is always a reason to make cupcakes.

They say the best way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it – and once you see a beautiful delicious cupcake in front of you, you know that’s exactly the case. Unlike a whole cake, these mini confectioneries don’t even look as evil, and will always hit the spot. Besides the whole taste palette in the cupcake recipes, ways to originally decorate them are almost endless. From rustic muffin to fancy intricate glaze design – now brides even pick them to replace wedding cakes!

Since we all need some sweetness and beauty in life, a selection of some of the most beautiful cupcakes definitely embodies both. Hopefully you’re not too hungry while you read this post, because by the end of the list you might race out to raid the nearest bakery!

Bon appetit!Cupcacke_$001

Crazy Rainbow cupcake idea.Cupcacke_$002

Flowers cupcake idea. Cupcacke_$003

Christmas tree cupcake idea.

Cupcacke_$004 Cupcacke_$005 Cupcacke_$006

cactus Cupcake idea. Cupcacke_$007

Winter cupcake idea.Cupcacke_$008

Popcorn cupcake idea.

Cupcacke_$009 Cupcacke_$010

hamburger cupcake idea/Cupcacke_$011


Coffey cupcake ideas.Cupcacke_$012 Cupcacke_$013 Cupcacke_$014 Cupcacke_$015 Cupcacke_$016 Cupcacke_$017 Cupcacke_$018 Cupcacke_$019 Cupcacke_$020 Cupcacke_$021 Cupcacke_$022 Cupcacke_$023 

Do you like our cupcake’s ideas? Do you have any other ideas? Please shear with us.